The Blommys Awards 

This woman goes out of her way to show up for those who need her. She understands the value of presence and is willing to be present.

Extravagantly Generous with Time

This woman takes time and puts thoughtfulness into how she presents herself. She is classy and trendy.



This woman is always willing to give to a need. When she is made aware of a financial need she is quick to give expecting nothing in return.

Extravagantly Generous - Financially

This woman chooses joy in the midst of suffering. She continues to bring hope and light even in the darkest times.

A Shinning


This woman creates beautiful things with her hands to be used and enjoyed by those around her.


Crafty / Creative

This woman is passionate about creating yummy food for friends and family. Food is her thing!



This woman is a true joy to be around. She brings laughter to the room. Sometimes she may not actually know how funny she is or how much joy she brings to those around her.


This woman makes healthy choices and inspires others to do so by her words and her actions.


to Health

This woman is filled with kindness as loving instruction pours from her lips. She is who you go to for truthful wisdom. She shares what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.


This woman is willing to go against popular opinion to stand for truth. Fights for her family and friends.


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